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Podcast Update!!

Hey Sunshines!!

I want to pop in and clear up any confusion about the revamping of my podcast. It has morphed into what I call a podcast grab bag titled “Hey! It’s Wendi…”

What the fuck does that mean??

Well, it’s just a catchy way to say that through the ONE podcast RSS feed, you will get THREE different shows:

“I Love You. Please Stop.”

A solo podcast and auditory journal wherein I document my somewhat manic mindfulness practices and attempt to coherently lead dynamically relaxing and grounding meditations.

“Laugh. Cry. Cum”

Eavesdrop on casually intimate conversations between me and some of my closest, most interesting friends.

“The Helpful Ho Show”

Get an intimate and inside peek into the not-so-seedy world of Sugar Dating. I answer your burning questions PLUS, I run my mouth and tell stories I should probably keep to myself.

If you're into the shows, pretty please subscribe and feel free to leave a nice review if the spirit (or the influence of booze, drugs or hormones) moves you.

Thank you for stopping by!

Hope you enjoy your day :)

Talk to ya soon...


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