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Jobs You Can T Do With Asthma

But there are some jobs which may be harder to get, depending on how bad your asthma is, such as jobs in the armed forces, or the fire brigade. Having asthma won’t automatically exclude you from these roles, but you’ll need to prove you’re fit for. Here are 10 jobs where precautions may help you avoid work-related lung damage. 1. Bartending and Waitressing Secondhand smoke has been linked to lung cancer.

It remains a. 15 Easy Jobs for Better Breathing with Asthma and Allergies 1. Shingle Alert. If you want to keep mold and dust out, the key is to keep moisture out too – and that means starting... 2. Go Hard Materials. Old rugs and upholstered furniture can be magnets for dust mites, mold spores and VOCs, so.

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