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WENDI STARLING is a stand-up comedian, actress, podcaster and star of the feature documentary “Funny Pains”. She made a name for herself in the NYC comedy scene by running her mouth about everything from being hospitalized for Bipolar Disorder, her sexual assault AND recent foray into the not-so-seedy world of Sugar Dating. After the arrival of Covid effectively shut down live performance, Wendi made the gut wrenching decision to leave her beloved New York City in an attempt to rediscover herself, reclaim her peace of mind and allow her creativity and wonderful weirdness to run wild once again. Until live shows are back in full swing, you can follow Wendi via multiple online platforms including TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. You can also take a deeper dive with this mouthy broad by listening to her podcast “I Love You Please Stop” and keep up with her daily updates and activities by joining her Patreon

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